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Aim Smileys

The following is a simple smiely chart that you can use while using AIM to express your emotions.

Text Shortcut Meaning Smiley
:) Ctrl+1 Smiling
:( Ctrl+2 Frowning
;-) Ctrl+3 Winking
:-P Ctrl+4 Sticking Out Tongue
=-O Ctrl+5 Surprised
:-* Ctrl+6 Kissing
>:O Ctrl+7 Yelling
8-) Ctrl+8 Cool
:-$ Ctrl+Shift+1 Money Mouth
:-! Ctrl+Shift+2 Foot in Mouth
:-[ Ctrl+Shift+3 Embarrassed
O:-) Ctrl+Shift+4 Innocent
:-/ Ctrl+Shift+5 Undecided
:'( Ctrl+Shift+6 Crying
:-X Ctrl+Shift+7 Lips Are Sealed
:-D Ctrl+Shift+8 Laughing

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