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Are people who go to sites like dummies? Some people may ask, "Why can't they just make up their own away message?"

There are many creatively challenged people out there who are not able to come up with their own unique message so sites like are one of the few places they can turn to for help. It's also important to note that just because one can't think up of an original away message doesn't necessarily make them dumb. How many original ideas does an average person truly come up with? Many away messages are just variations of already existing away messages. It comes down to 6 main scenarios for the creatively challenged; use a boring generic away message, don't put up an away message, sign off when they leave their computer, steal an away message from someone on their buddy list, modify an existing message or go pick out an away message from is not just for the creatively challenged. Many creatively apt people use as well, as it is a valuable resource for quirky away messages. The main reason creative people go to is because people are generally lazy and may not feel like creating their own away message even though they are more than capable of doing so. The same goes for creative people who are short on time, have writer's block and/or are too tired to think of their own away message. It is so much more efficient to select pre-made messages than waste valuable time trying to come up with original messages. Others go to because it provides for a high entertainment value with tons of humorous and creative messages that one can browse through.

Don't you get sick and tired of seeing people put up the generic, "I am away from my computer right now." or other boring away messages? If you see someone with an away message up of that nature, do us all a favor and tell him/her to go to!

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