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Top 10 Signs that You are Addicted to Away Messages

10. Within minutes of signing online, your away message is up.

9. You spend more time thinking up or looking for an away message than you are actually away for.

8. Your homepage is

7. You check the away messages of everyone on your buddy list.

6. Five minutes later, you go and start checking everyone's away message again... Just to see if someone changed their message.

5. Your main topic of conversation is about who wrote what in their away message.

4. You sign online just to read other people's away message.

3. You can't wait for your friends to leave so you can see what they put up for their away message.

2. You add strangers to your buddy list just to check their away messages.

1. The highlight of your week is when someone IM's you and says, "Nice away message."

- Written by Away

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