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I am babysitting, I'll be back when the kids are asleep.

Monstersitting... Sorry, I meant babysitting.

Someone once told me "Don't have kids" but what they should have told me was "Don't make friends who have kids."
I am watching kids that I don't want to watch. AKA. Babysitting.

I am talking on the phone, eating their food, and ignoring their kids and they pay me for it.

One by one the children are stealing my sanity

The critters cry so I answer.

Watching kids for money.

I'm away from my computer and being terrorized by little kids, help me!

I'm being surrounded by little monsters at the moment so I'm probably hiding under the bed.

I'm watching some kids because their parents got tired of it.

I am babysitting which is fairly easy because the baby is sitting.

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