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Bathroom Away Messages

If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat!

Sometimes we like it up and down and sometimes we like it back and forth and it only takes about two minutes to do, but it feels great so maybe you should go brush your teeth too.

I'm taking a dump at the moment so if its not to much trouble just dump a message on the screen.

The bathroom is a good place to be, When you just drank a gallon of water!

I am probably far away in another land.....or I just might be on the toilet.

The rabbit goes nibble, the cow goes moo, the pig goes oink, and I go poo!

The average person goes to the bathroom 6 times per day. This is one of those times.

Sorry I'm not here at my computer at the present moment, but I am on the toilet. If you would like to come over and bring me some toilet paper that would be greatly appreciated.

My toilet's favorite food is chocolate and right now I'm feeding it some.

It's "Potty Time."

How dry I am, how wet I'll be, if you don't stop, IMing me. You got offline, now I'm heading for the door... oops it's to's on the bathroom floor.

If you are reading this then that means I have gone to a better place... yep I am on the toilet.

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