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Playing hide and go seek with boredom... I found it!

So much free time but nothing to do.

I have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called boredom... Doctors say that the only cure is for me to receive as many entertaining messages from as many people as possible.

I could be doing so many different things right now but, I couldn't decide. Because of my indecisiveness, I have "chosen" to be bored.

Too bored to talk.

I'm bored. Do you want to come over and play with me?

Because I'm so bored, this is the best away message I could come up with.

Hi, I'm Bored, what's your name?

I'm too bored to finish writing this away message...

If boredom was a crime, I'd be in jail right now.

Can't talk, too busy being bored.

My toilet's hungry. I'll go feed it some chocolate and lemonade.

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