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Away Messages about Food-Eating

Food makes life mmmmm mmmmm better!

I'm getting my tummy refill right now, I will be back when it is full.

Transitive Property of Food:
Me = Human
Human = Eat Food
Me = Eat Food

I'm away eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you're smart, you'll figure out which one it is.

I'm single-handily trying to free the world of hunger, starting with myself.

Filling my tummy with something very yummy.

I am at my refrigerating unit...

I'm stuffing my face.

I would talk to you but my mom told me never to talk wih my mouth full.

My stomach is growling and I'm answering.

Filling up my tummy.

Hunger has driven man to insanity, today it has driven me from my computer.

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