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Away Messages about Food-Eating

I am not at the computer right now because my fingers too greasy to type with.

I'm eating! Leave me alone!

Yummy in the tummy.

Did you ever realize that whenever people tell you they are on a diet they are eating or getting ready to eat? Be Right Back, I'm On a Diet....

My stomach was crying and grumbling and it was making me guilty so, I went to the fridge to cheer it up.

Over the lips through the gums look out tummy here it comes. I'm eating, so leave me alone.

Selecting various food items from our storage for personal consumption.

In the mouth and through the gums, watch out tummy here it comes.

I will be back in a bite, opps I mean bit.

Expanding my stomach.

Food, God's most precious gift to all who love to eat.

I'm doing that thing. You know, the one where you pick the food up, put it in your mouth, swallow it, then repeat the process until the stomach hurts.

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