Funny Aim Away Messages

Gym-Exercise Away Messages

Attempting to double my muscle mass.

Working the butter off these buns.

Help! I am stuck under 200 pounds of weights.

Exercising, I'll be back when I'm all sweaty and smelly.

...564, 565, 566... Can't talk, I'm doing my pushups.....567, 568, 569...

Stimulating my sweat glands.

Getting slim at the gym.

Working up a good old sweat. why don't you come over so I can give you a nice big hug?

I'm out working mine off, so I can kick yours later.

The joys of exercise. Don't you just love the pain, the sweat, and the really bad smelling armpits?

I play the game.
I play it smart.
My energy comes from my heart.
There's no one out there.
That I can't beat.
Cuz I'm 100 percent athlete.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

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