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Sorry I am not here right now because no one is on... sorry %n your counted as no one.

Oh that's funny, I just got off the phone with this loser who said they had the same screen name as you.

Everyone is a smart in their own way, but I am not sure about %n.

I'll be right back. I'm saving the world... from people like YOU.

Hello, I am here, but I'm avoiding someone I don't like... IM me, and if I don't respond, it's you!

Remember the time I told you that you were cool? I lied.

You want to know something pathetic yet funny, You actually taking the time to read my extremely boring message. (thats the pathetic part).the funny part is that I'm sitting in front of the computer screen ...laughing.

Never fight with an ugly person. They have nothing to loose.

I'm away from the computer. Actually I want to talk to you right now. Actually your a really cool person. Actually this whole message was a lie.

Sorry %n I am too busy trying to find an excuse so I don't have to talk to you. Leave a message and I probably won't get back to you.

I have no idea what I am doing right now, but I bet its better than talking to you!

I really am here but why would I want to talk to you.

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