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Phone Away Messages

I'm on the phone right now and I'm not gifted enough to talk on the phone and type at the same time so leave a message.

The phone is ringing. Just to let you know that if its you, I am hanging up.

The phone is ringing and apparently I need to answer it when that happens or it won't stop.

I'm tied up in my phone cord at the moment. I'll be back once I figure out how to get out.

My ears are ringing... Wait, it's not my ears it's the phone.

The phone is ringing so I went to answer it.

Help, the phone won't come off my ear and the voice on the other end won't stop talking.

I'm talking to the magical voice inside the phone

I'm talking on the phone, be back in a few hours.

Ahhhh! The phone cord is attacking me!

Exercising my vocal cords.

I'm not currently avalible because I'm talking on the phone with someone more important than you!

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