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Shopping-Mall Away Messages

Walking through "Consumer Wonderland."

Have you ever felt the joy of investing your money knowing you will be gaining more in the long run? I haven't and that's why I'm spending it now.

I needed some new clothes. The ones that I bought last week are out of style so I've gone shopping for new clothes.


I'm on a shopping spree with my dad's credit cards.

My name is YOUR NAME HERE and I am a shopaholic

I'm blowing my hard earned money at the moment. Well, it's not exactly my hard earned money, it's my parents.

I'm out spending money on stuff I don't need.

I'm going to shop until I drop... or get kicked out of the mall.

I'm at the mall buying a new outfit to look good for you.

I'm not here right now, but any donations to YOUR NAME's Shoppin Fund will be greatly appreciated!

I'm at a store buying things I cannot afford. If the creditors call, I'm not home. If you are a creditor, that was just code for: I'm hard at work making money to pay you back.

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