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Shower Away Messages

It's that time of week again. I am in the shower.

Rubber Ducky, your the one, you make my bath time so much fun! In case you didn't get the picture, I am in the shower.

I am taking a shower. By the way %n you are starting to smell you need to take one too!

Everyone has to shower sometime, I thought I would save some water and shower less.

It's raining! Oh, nevermind that's just the shower.

Dirty boy (or girl) no longer... it's shower time!

I'm taking a shower now because the neighbors are starting to complain.

Roses are red. Violets are blue.
I'm in the shower.
so I don't smell like you.

I'm in the shower, bars of soap around the world are jealous.

I'm in the shower, but I'll be back in a splash.

Watch out shower here I come.

Taking a bath, but I'll be back in a splash.

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