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Sick Away Messages

I'm either lying in bed, taking medicine, blowing my nose, checking my temperature, or throwing up.

I'm sick, so unless you want to catch it, go away.

I'm sick, so go away before I wipe my snot on you.

I have left the computer because I didn't want to get anymore snot on my monitor.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

My nose is running. I better go catch it.

Achooo, excuse me but I can't type and sneeze at the same time.

I've already cleaned the screen of snot six times. I don't want to risk sneezing again.

I'm sick, so please leave a message after the cough.

Don't IM me. I'm contagious.

There's a war going on inside of my body, it's my white blood cells versus the evil cold virus.

I didn't go to school today, instead I was laying down on my couch and watched TV and slept all day not doing any work at all... Ah, the joys of being sick.

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