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If sleeping paid....Then I would be getting paid right now.

If you need me I'll be sleeping, if you really need me I'll still be sleeping, so leave a message.

Shhhh quiet. I'm sleeping!

What's the question you can never answer yes to? Are you sleeping? Well if you're reading this right now then you probably want to ask me that. So here it is....Yes, I am sleeping.

Doing some quality blanket and pillow bonding time.

I never have any time to get any work done... I am taking a nap now, so leave a message.

If you are reading this, I am dead... Just kidding, I'm sleeping. But people do die in their sleep. Pleasant dreams!


I have a date with my blanket.

I've slipped into a coma, but don't call an ambulance. I'd like to stay like this for at least 8 hours.

I'm holding my ear up to my pillow, and closing my eyes to see if I can hear the ocean. I will probably be doing this until morning, so leave a message.

I'm sleeping at the moment... so do the right thing and leave a message.

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