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I have waited all year for summer, so I'm not going to waste it on the computer.

Sun burning... I mean tanning.

Have you ever realized that when youíre in school all you want to do is count down the days until summer break but when you are finally on summer break all you want to do is count down the days until your back in school?

Thank God its summer
Thank God for the sun
School is such a bummer
So now letís have fun

It's summer, what are you doing on the computer?

Flip flops
Belly tops
Bathing suits
Good friends
Summers here... Can you handle it?

Life's a beach.

Tank Tops * Flip Flops
Ice Cream * Sweet Dreams
Late Nights * Water Fights
A Suntan * A Game Plan
Sleeping In * Sneaking Out
Feet in Sand * Drink in Hand
...all I want is... *Summer*

Palm trees, ocean breeze.
Standing by the clear blue sea.
Hot air, sunkissed hair.
Endless summer, take me there.

Help, I'm drowning in my sweat.

I don't want to waste my summer talking to you online.

Summer camps, pool parties, camping, vacations, ice cream man, amusement parks, concerts, barbeques, bon fires and friends! Life just doesn't get much better then this.

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