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Surfing the Web Away Messages

Surfing the waves of cyberspace... Be back when the cyber sharks come out.

I'm the spider and I'm on my web having a good time right now.

Flying through Cyber Space.

I'm currently catching some surf on the web.

It's my way or the internet superhighway.

Surfing the web, be back when the tide comes in.

I was having so much fun surfing the web until I fell in, can you throw me a towel?

Help I got Lost on!

People say sports are good for you so I've taking up a new sport, web surfing.

I'm surfing the web looking for something better to do to than talk to you.

Help! I've been caught in this ocean called the world wide web.

Just because we live in a place that has no water surrounding it does not mean we can't surf on our own turf. That's what the internet is for.

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