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Away Message Setup Guide

What is an away message?
- An away message (also known as a status message in some IM clients) is a message that is put up to tell others that you are busy and not available to chat on IM and it lets them leave a message if they desire(similar to voice mail or answering machine).

How do I put up an away message?
- For instructions on how to put up an away message, select the Instant Messaging (IM) client that you use from below:
  • Aim Guide
  • ICQ Guide
  • Yahoo! Messenger Guide
  • Google Talk Guide

  • Where can I download instant messaging clients?
    Click: AIM | Yahoo Messenger | ICQ | Google Talk

    What is %n(their screen name) stand for in the messages within
    - By entering %n into your away message when using the AIM/AOL IM client, the %n is replaced with the screenname of the person checking your away message. You should not leave the "(their screen name)" part in your away message, it is only a reference to tell you the signifigance of %n.

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