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category: Friendship
message: Sometimes I wish I were you, so I could be friends with me.
category: Friendship
message: We're not perfect
We laugh too hard
We're way too loud
And we make complete fools of ourselves
But doing it together makes us
Best friends forever
category: Bored
message: Its raining its pooring, today is really boring.
category: Girls
message: A low maintenance girl, with high maintenance standards.
category: Outside
message: Who could be on the computer on a pretty day like this?
category: Outside
message: Smelling the flowers outside
category: Girls
message: God created man then He had a better idea.
category: Funny
message: 99% of people who put these dumb away messages in their profiles are morons. Put this in your profile if you are part of that 1% who aren't.
category: Summer
message: No school* Too cool
Fresh flowers* Beach for hours
Sandy shores* Vacation tours
Best friends* until the end
Salty air* Blonde hair
Finally summer* School's a bummer
Make it last* Before it's passed
category: Romantic-Love
message: I'm not crazy
I'm not a fool
I'm just falling in love with you
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